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Pramod Chaganti
General Manager, TMP India

TMPers are more than employees. We are consultants and thought leaders. Meshworking, TMP’s company blog, is where we showcase our expertise, talk shop, and discuss industry trends and predictions for the future of recruitment marketing. Below is a blog excerpt from Pramod Chaganti, General Manager, TMP India. Here, Pramod discusses the growing and evolving job market in India.

Your Prospects Dont Trust You

When it comes to recruiting in India, there seem to be limited choices. Every single conversation starts with job sites and ends with job sites. However, if we start from the notion that prospective applicants are digital consumers in their daily lives, consume a lot of content on web and social, and more importantly, react the same way you and I will, our choices open up.

  1. Presence on search engines: It is a very well documented fact that more than 70% of job searches start from a search engine (yes, job sites are not the starting point).
  2. PPC: Although there are more advanced models, all digital media planners agree that pay per click (PPC) campaigns often deliver the best ROI
  3. Retargeting: Use various platforms that are available in the market.
  4. Mailers: Every communication to the job seeker, at every touchpoint, has a direct or indirect impact on the employer brand.

Read the rest of Pramod’s post here. TMP is proud to be an international company with a diverse group of employees. Check out our open positions in India and apply today!

TMP Worldwide General Manager India Office Pramod Chaganti

Apart from being responsible for TMP's India business, Pramod is passionate about employer brand and digital recruitment solutions. Currently working with clients to help them adopt new age media and digital solutions for sourcing.

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